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What is Public Charter?

Charter Alliance strives to provide chartered flights to the traveling public from airports that are closer to YOU and take you where YOU want to go! The aim is to target flight routes that are under served (or not served at all) by airlines. Direct and non-stop flights allows for less travel time so that YOU enjoy more time at your travel destination.

All flights booked on this reservation system are Public Charter flights operated by different Part 135 and Part 121 FAA Certified Charter Air Carriers such as The Denver Air Connection.  Public Charter Flights offered by Charter Alliance Group LLC are subject to Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations under Title 14CFR Part 380. These regulations provide enhanced consumer protection by specifying minimum contract terms and imposing requirements for handling of passenger funds. Please go to for more information on Public Charter flights.

Your reservation for your flight will be handled by The Charter Alliance Group. You will be required to agree to the Operator Participant Contract prior to reserving your seat. The air carrier that performs your trip is responsible for all aspects of the flight services.

The Department of Transportation advises passengers that:

“Charter flights can provide excellent value, and they often operate nonstop in markets where scheduled flights would be less direct. In addition, many charters don’t have all of the restrictions of scheduled service discount fares, e.g., advance-purchase, stay over a Saturday night, stay no more than 30 days, etc. Finally, most charter fares are not “capacity-controlled” like scheduled-service discount fares; every seat on the airplane is usually available at the advertised fare. “


Are animals allowed in the aircraft?

Animals are permitted aboard Denver Air Connection aircraft, subject to restrictions.  Please see our Pet Policies page for more information.  Please call to confirm space availability for your animals, as space may be limited.

If you are flying with an animal, please plan at least 15 minutes additional check-in time to allow enough time to complete the check in process for your animal and yourself.

How early must I arrive to check in for my flight?
Please see our Check-In page for check-in times and directions to our check-in counters.

Are food and drinks served during flight?

Telluride/Denver/Grand Junction/Centennial Flights
A light snack will be provided during the flight. Available items include soda, juice, water, coffee, tea, cookies, crackers, chips, and candy.

Alliance/Denver Metro Flights
No, there is no in-flight food/beverage service due to the short duration of the flight.

Can I check in online? Where do I get my boarding pass?

At this time, Denver Air Connection does not offer online/electronic check in.  To receive your boarding pass, please visit our ticket counter. Please see our Check-In page for check-in times and directions to our check-in counters.

Where do I Check In?
Please see our Check-In page for check-in times and directions to our check-in counters.

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How can we help you?

Denver Air Connection’s Call Center is available for you to talk to an agent regarding reservations, information, travel plans or any other issue or concern. They are knowledgable professionals on site at Centennial Airport. They are available by telephone or via Live Chat:


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