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Leadership Team

Cliff Honeycutt

Co-Founder/Co-Owner/President/Chief Executive Officer

A born aviator, Cliff began his career at age 6 towing aircraft at the airport in Longmont, CO. At 10 Cliff was changing tires, bucking rivets and helping out around the maintenance shop. He soloed five different airplanes on his 16th birthday, passed his private on his 17th and by 19 obtained his instrument rating and Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) License.

Cliff moved to Denver to work for Dan Bauer at Precision Aircraft performing general maintenance and specializing in sheet-metal repair and painting of light general aviation aircraft. This is when he met Glen Rich. They bonded over re-skinning the belly of a 172 RG. Cliff started flying cargo part time in an Aztec and a Navajo Chieftain for a small cargo company, Sundance Air, and shortly thereafter Glen joined him and together they helped build that company into a 6 airplane/7 pilot cargo company where Cliff functioned as both a line pilot and the Director of Maintenance.

In 1996, Cliff, Glen, Dan launched their own 135 company and in 1997 the obtained their FAR 135 Certification with one Navajo Chieftain. Just two days after that they had the opportunity to cover a daily UPS route from Denver to Rawlins, Wyoming. Key Lime Air was on its way. As Key Lime Air grew and added more routes and aircraft to the fleet, it moved its charter operations and began scheduled passenger service under the Denver Air Connection brand name. The first passenger flights were to Grand Junction, Colorado. Denver Air Connection quickly grew adding high profile charter services to the NCAA, oil, music and film industries and incorporating passengers jets and flight attendants to the operation. Sheridan and Riverton, Wyoming routes were added and thereafter Denver Air Connection began the first ever scheduled passenger jet service into Telluride, Colorado. This growth enabled the formation of an interline agreement with United Airlines and the implementation of the Sabre Global Distribution System for reservations and ticketing.

Cliff has worn many hats over the foundational years including Director of Maintenance, line pilot, instructor and check airman. While maintaining an active flight schedule, Cliff and Glen continue to play a daily role in the operations, safety, security, comfort and growth of Key Lime Air.

Glen Rich

Co-Founder/Co-Owner/Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Glen was raised in Seattle, WA where he always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Acting on that dream, he took his first intro-flight from Boeing Field (BFI) as a kid and was hooked. After graduating High School, he was accepted into the Aviation Program at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. However, Colorado was calling, so Glen packed up his 1984 Honda Accord and drove to Colorado and transferred to Metro State College of Denver where he obtained his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Aviation. While attending State, Glen worked full-time as a Line Tech at Denver JetCenter (APA). This is where he met Cliff Honeycutt who offered Glen the opportunity to work with Cliff in the maintenance facility. Little did he know then that Key Lime Air was to be born out of this place, time and relationship.

Glen eventually completed all of his pilot certifications and ratings at the local flight school at Centennial Airport. He and Cliff were tenaciously building flight time so they could secure full time jobs as pilots. While Cliff began flying for Sundance Air, Glen continued to work as a flight instructor to gain the 1200 hours required to fly cargo. When he reached 1201 hours he joined Cliff at Sundance Air.

Over the next few years Glen and Cliff obtained management positions at Sundance as the Chief Pilot and Director of Maintenance while still flying and building the company to six aircraft. The experience of operating and managing Sundance was the impetus for Glen and Cliff to branch out on their own with Key Lime Air. Glen and Cliff were certified as a 135 Air Carrier in 1997 with one Piper Navajo Chieftain. Twenty years later, under Glen and Cliff’s leadership, Key Lime Air has grown. The formation of the Denver Air Connection brand has enabled the airline to expand its fleet to over thirty aircraft, add more routes and customers and diversify, increasing private charter flights and adding scheduled passenger flights with impressive on-time performance. Glen maintains a full flying schedule while acting as Chief Operating Officer overseeing the expansion of the Denver Air Connection brand.

Edward Lahoud

Security Director

Edward has over twenty years of general management expertise across diverse sectors including aviation security, logistics, and management consulting. He served as Security Director, Asian Division for Northwest Airlines and Manager, Aviation Security at USA Jet Airlines where he managed the Security Department and all aspects of the company’s security programs. Edward served as Security Director and Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator (AOSC) for multiple U.S. carriers, audited and analyzed a variety of areas while directing the security program and developing comprehensive security operations and training programs for various international aviation clients. He is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International and a graduate of the University of Sierra Leone (FBC) where he received a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications.

Brian Kilburn

Vice President of Maintenance

As Key Lime Air’s Vice President of Maintenance, Brian is ultimately responsible for the airworthiness of the fleet. He met Key Lime Air founders Cliff Honeycutt and Glen Rich while also working at Precision Aircraft and Engine Services. This is where he learned the basics of aircraft maintenance. With that he obtained his mechanic’s certificate in 2000 and accepted the task proposed by Cliff and Glen to build a new flight school at Centennial airport. As the Director of Operations of Flights Inc. from 2000 to 2006, Brian supervised the growth of the training and rental fleet from nine to nearly sixty aircraft and obtained the FAA Part 141 certification. In 2006 Brian transitioned to the maintenance department and through 2017 was the Technical Programs Director managing the technical and administrative facets of the maintenance programs, including the CAMP and CAS programs, the addition of the EMB-120 and DO328-300. In 2017, Brian was elevated to VP of Maintenance.

Jeff Taylor

Chief Pilot

Like others at Key Lime Air, Jeff learned to fly when he was young and living in Utah. He met founders Cliff Honeycutt and Glen Rich in 1988 while working the line at Denver Jet Center and finishing school at Metropolitan State College. After graduation from MSCD in 2000, he started his professional career loading cargo, scheduling, teaching ground school and flying for Key Lime as SIC (Second in Command). At that time, there were many midnight cargo flights to Salt Lake City UT, Brownsville TX, and Florence, SC. This was Jeff’s opportunity to build flight time quickly. Steepening the learning curve, Jeff was doing most of his flying with Cliff and Glen which meant the bar was set high and Jeff rose to the challenge. As soon as Jeff reached his 1200 hours required flying time, that steep learning curve payed off and he was quickly type-rated in the Metro and began to fly cargo as a Captain. Once he reached 1500 hours, he received his ATP (Airline Transport Pilot license) and was able to add flying Metro passenger flights until 2003 when Jeff left Key Lime to fly for a regional airline. After 10 years at that regional airline, Jeff was approached and offered to return to Key Lime Air and fill the role of Chief Pilot. Jeff had kept tabs on Key Lime and witnessed how it had grown dramatically with no signs of slowing down. With his Part 121 passenger experience and part 14 CFR 119 qualifications Jeff returned to the Key Lime Air family in 2013 as Chief Pilot.

Marc Hesting

Chief Financial Officer

Marc joined Key Lime Air in 2008 and brought to the company both his skills in aviation and in finance. With an Master’s of Business Administration from University of Denver, Marc serves as the senior accounting and finance manager for Key Lime Air overseeing all financial matters including budgets, audits, payroll, tax and regulatory compliance. He has been part of the management team responsible securing financing for new acquisitions and developing strategic growth initiatives. Marc also brings to his finance role a deep understanding of the air cargo business having been employed by UPS as a manager at Denver International Airport where Key Lime operates its cargo operations for UPS. Marc is also a commercial pilot and flight instructor. This hands on experience in the cockpit translates to a better understanding of employee needs as well as those of the owner/pilots at Key Lime Air. 

Christine DiCarlo-Cottone

Director of Human Resources

Christine attended Northern Illinois University where she studied Physical Therapy and Business Administration. Christine has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources Management, Logistics and Transportation. The depth of experience Christine brings to Key Lime to recruit and manage the growing number of employees is deep. She is proficient in payroll, benefits, workers compensation, employee relations, terminations, unemployment hearings and wellness programs. Her track record includes success in reducing administrative costs while at the same time enhancing services and benefits. She has a successful record in unemployment hearings which lowers insurance costs for the company. Christine is also knowledgeable and has hands-on experience with warehouse management, office management and office efficiency. She has also served on a corporate safety team administering safety training and awareness programs, a critical part of employee management at Key Lime Air.

TJ Agresti

Director of Corporate Communications

TJ brings to the company more than 25 years of strategic leadership and communications expertise from the highest executive levels of the legal, financial, technology and aviation industries.  He has been passionate about aviation since he watched the Apollo 17 mission in 1972 and enjoys every minute as a pilot flying passengers for our airline operation, Denver Air Connection. At Key Lime Air, he is responsible for developing the company’s internal and external communications strategies, leading a world-class team to execute it, working closely with the company’s leadership to shape the public brand image for Key Lime Air and Denver Air Connection and serving as the company’s chief spokesman.

“Key Lime Air and Denver Air connection are brands synonymous with excellence and character with a 22 year history – but it is Key Lime Air’s bright future that convinced me to join the management team. It is always a challenge to cut through the noise of a hyper saturated modern media environment especially in the highly competitive airline industry. Key Lime’s advantage continues to be its culture based on customer-centric core values, dedicated employees and a visionary leadership team who stress accountability every step of the way. That’s the story that I am excited to tell.”

TJ received his bachelor’s degree in history and psychology from the University of Maryland.  He continued his academic career with a Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall Law School. He then moved to Denver, Colorado to attend the University of Denver School of Law where he received a Master of Laws in Taxation. He spent the next 15 years practicing tax law focused on strategic tax planning, corporate and mergers and acquisitions.  He later earned his Certified Aviation Manager designation from NBAA to round out his aviation industry knowledge base.

As a pilot, TJ flew general aviation aircraft to support his practice that served clients all over the United States, earning more advanced ratings as the demands of all-weather flying became necessary.  He ultimately achieved his Airline Transport Pilot rating as he dreamed of someday flying for an airline. TJ’s unique professional experiences combined with his passion for aviation makes him a dynamic communications leader for Key Lime Air.