Our History

Rocky Mountain Service

What sets us apart from other carriers is our exceptional customer service and company culture. We customize safe and reliable travel for each community we serve ensuring they are connected to the world.

Scheduled Passenger Service

In 2012, Denver Air Connection received approval to operate as a Part 121 air carrier with regular scheduled domestic passenger service to and from Grand Junction, CO with its Metroliner 23s.

FAA Approval

In 2018, Denver Air Connection was the first Part 121 operator in the region to receive FAA approval for its Safety Management System (SMS).

Dornier 328 Jet

In 2018, the first Dornier 328Jet was added to the Part 121 passenger operations.


In May, 2019 flights to Telluride commenced. This was the first ever scheduled passenger jet service to the community and was made possible by the high-altitude performance capabilities of the Dornier 328 jet. This service enabled Denver Air Connection to secure an Interline Agreement with United Airlines.


Our Interline Agreement with United Airlines, the adoption of the Videcom airline reservation and ticketing system and Global Distribution Systems enables our passengers to search, book and reserve the lowest fares to more than 193 countries served by United Airlines.