Prohibited Items in Checked and Carry-on Baggage

Prohibited Items

Certain items are prohibited by the TSA aboard passenger aircraft. Please see the TSA list for details:

Hazardous Materials

Federal law forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft, in your luggage or on your person. Hazardous materials include (but are not limited to) explosives, compressed gasses, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Please see the FAA website for more information about items prohibited aboard passenger aircraft:


Denver Air Connection will not accept hoverboards (motorized, two-wheel, skateboard sized scooters) aboard our passenger aircraft in either checked or carry-on baggage. Although government agencies have not prohibited the carriage of hoverboards aboard aircraft, we are joining the growing list of airlines prohibiting these items due to the risk of fire from lithium or lithium-ion batteries contained inside. On rare occasion these batteries can spontaneously overheat and pose a fire hazard risk.

Smart Bags/Smart Clothing

Denver Air Connection prohibits smart bags, smart clothing, and other articles containing non-removable lithium batteries in checked or carry-on baggage.

Lithium Batteries

Denver Air Connection will accept lithium ion or lithium metal batteries aboard our passenger aircraft, provided they are properly installed in a permitted consumer electronic device. Spare or loose lithium batteries are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage, and are only permitted as part of your personal item allowance. Lithium batteries that are damaged, defective, or recalled by the manufacturer are not permitted aboard aircraft.